1st -   Continue   with   the  Mul-T-Lock  Puerto  Rico  Contact  Service  Support  Office ;    DEDICATED  ONLY  TO  PROCESS  WHOLESALES  ORDERS  OF  MUL-T-LOCK  PRODUCTS.    

2nd -    Continue   with   the  No  competence  Commitment ;    Mul-T-Lock  Puerto  Rico   are  NOT  a  RETAIL  BUSINESS  Competence  for  the  local  MUL-T-LOCK,  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &  PARTNERS  FAMILY.    

3th -    Continue  the  collaboration  and  orientation  to  generate  Sales  &  Service  to  the  local    MUL-T-LOCK  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &  PARTNERS  FAMILY  around  the  region  of  Puerto  Rico  (How  provide  the  end  user  Sales  and  Service) .    How  already  trust  the  Mul-T-Lock  Company  and  make  the  investment  of  his  money,  time  and  company  trust  &  commitment  to ;    Become  in  MUL-T-LOCK  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &  PARTNERS  FAMILY .    We  are  here  to  provide  support,  orientation,  help  and  training  to  the  "GREATEST  FORCE  OF  PROFESSIONAL  SALES  AND SERVICE  SUPPORT  TEAM  OF  THE  MUL-T-LOCK  PARTNERS  FAMILY around  the  region  of  Puerto  Rico, USA ;   in  the  past  and  will  continue  in  the  Future.   

4th -    Continue   working  in  COOPERATIVE  COLLABORATION  with  the  "GREATEST  FORCE  OF  PROFESSIONAL SALES AND  OF THE MUL-T-LOCK PARTNERS FAMILY around the region of Puerto Rico, USA.. Promote & help to increase the Mul-T-Lock Products Sales alternatives around the Region.   Promote  the  continuous  GROW  UP  and  BUSINESS  SUCCESS  of  the  individual  Mul-T-Lock  PARTNERS  FAMILY  TEAM  business .

5th -    Continue   the  collaboration  and  provide  orientation  to  generate Sales & Service to the local End User;   NOT SERVICE CUSTOMER by The Dealers & Mul-T-Lock Service Center.  For  example :  Institutions, Business, Contractors, Banks or Government Agencies with  locksmiths section or employees in the region of Puerto Rico. 

6th -     Continue   the  collaboration   and  provide  orientation  to  elevate  &  increase the professional public imaging and reputation of Mul-T-Lock Products to the next  level of excellence & service network;  In fully Cooperative Collaboration with the "GREATEST FORCE OF SALES AND SERVICE SUPPORT OF THE MUL-T-LOCK PARTNERS FAMILY Around Puerto Rico Region.;   In Mutual Support and Collaboration with the Professional Locksmiths Association of Puerto Rico.