1st -   Promote   the   continuous   GROW  UP   and   BUSINESS  SUCCESS   of   the  individual  Mul-T-Lock  PARTNERS  FAMILY  TEAM  business  in  the  Region  of  Puerto  Rico, USA.
2nd -   Organize  the  "GREATEST   FORCE   OF   SECURITY   PROFESSIONAL   SALES   AND   SERVICE SUPPORT  TEAM  OF  THE  MUL-T-LOCK  PARTNERS  FAMILY  around the region of Puerto Rico, USA. 
3th -   Organize  a  Buyers  Group of  the   MUL-T-LOCK  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &   PARTNERS  FAMILY      For  general  public easy searching  and  find  your  near  Mul-T-Lock  Dealer,  Mul-T-Lock  Retailer  Store   and   Mul-T-Lock  Service  Center.
4th -   Organize  Public  Directory  by  city  zip-code of  the   MUL-T-LOCK  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &   PARTNERS  FAMILY      For  general  public  easy  searching  and  find  your  near  Mul-T-Lock  Dealer,  Mul-T-Lock  Retailer  Store   and  Mul-T-Lock  Service  Center. 
5th -   Mul-T-Lock  Company  in  Puerto  Rico  are  NOT  a  RETAIL  BUSINESS  Competence  for  the  local  MUL-T-LOCK,  DEALERS,  RETAILER  &  PARTNERS  FAMILY.
6th -   In  FRATERNAL  COLLABORATION  with  the :   Professional  Locksmiths  Association  of  Puerto  Rico, Inc. (Asociación  de  Cerrajeros  Profesionales  de  Puerto  Rico,  Inc.)  around  the  Region  of  Puerto  Rico,  USA.   With  this  vision  we  are  look  to  become  in  the  preferred  choice  to  every  locksmith  and  security  specialist.    We  will  earn  our  customers  trust  and  respect  through  the  continual  development  of  high  quality,   innovative, relevant,   patented  solutions  that  satisfy  the  wants  of  their  consumers.    With  integrity,   teamwork  and  continuous  development  we  will  maintain  a  passionate  team  who  are  renowned throughout  the  industry  for  exceeding  our  customers’  expectations.